Tony Blair responds to petition to strip him of his Knighthood

Tony Blair has insisted his political legacy is more than just the Iraq War, in response to a petition to strip him of his knighthood.

Over 1.1 million people have signed the petition to strip Tony Blair of his knighthood. Sign the petition here: 👉  https://www.change.org/p/the-prime-minister-tony-blair-to-have-his-knight-companion-of-the-most-noble-order-of-the-garter-rescinded?s=07

The petition claims that ‘’Tony Blair should be held accountable for the death of 179 British servicemen during the Iraq War”.

Mr Blair said he “expected” people to object to the decision but argued that there are some who “want to say the only thing the government did was Iraq and ignore all the rest of the things we do”.

“Especially in today’s politics, you don’t occupy a position of leadership and take decisions without arousing a lot of opposition and so it didn’t surprise me.’’

“The best thing is just to accept that of course there will be people who strongly oppose it and detest me for various reasons, and this is just what happens in politics.”

He also said he is “perfectly happy with People calling him Tony”, rather than being called “Sir Tony”.

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