Tories slammed for ‘flooding country with migrants’ as the NHS and roads are ‘CRUMBLING’

Dr Renee Hoenderkamp has blasted the Conservative Party on migration and claimed that they are “out of touch.”

Full Story: https://www.gbnews.com/news/uk/tories-budget-dr-nhs-migrants

This comes after the Tory party unveiled its spring budget yesterday, with freezes on Fuel and Alcohol Duty until early 2025 and National Insurance contributions slashed by 2p.

GB News host Ben Leo said: “Why don’t they get it? That migration is the number one issue?”

Hoenderkamp said: “I don’t know. They seem absolutely glued to this global world that if we’re just all in it together as one big country, everything will be OK. They’re so out of touch.

“I think Labour is also out of touch with how people are feeling on the ground when they can’t get anything done.

“We can’t get hospital appointments, we can’t get people seen for sometimes two years.

“Yesterday, I had a patient saying to me, I feel like I’m in between you two guys and no one can sort it out because we can’t sort it out.

“And the government seems to be completely out of touch with the fact that most people feel that if you flood the country with more people, that’s going to get worse if you don’t fix it first.”

In the budget, it was announced that the NHS in England will receive a £3.4 billion fully funded productivity plan focused on digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence will be quicker cancer diagnosis and an improved NHS app will allow patients to confirm and modify appointments.

On this, Dr Hoenderkamp said: “I’m not a proponent of putting more money into the organization that we’re told yesterday it makes us proud. It doesn’t make us proud. It’s an embarrassment. It’s like a third World Service.

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