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Tourist gobsmacked after Queen’s guard screams at her for touching horse

A member of the Queen’s guard has been filmed screaming at a tourist who got too close to his horse.

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The tourist has vowed never to return to London following the incident.

The video shows a woman moving towards the soldier who was mounted on top of a horse outside Buckingham Palace after queuing up to pose for a picture.

As the photo is being taken, she reaches over to hold the horse’s reins, causing the animal to become visibly unsettled.

This prompts the soldier to shout: “Stand back from the Queen’s guard, don’t touch the reins!” The loud command startles the woman, who quickly moves away in shock.

Brits have little sympathy for the woman, with people commenting is was her own fault, adding that the Queen’s guard is part of the armed forces – not Disneyland.

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