Tourists flock to Death Valley to experience the expected record breaking temperature of 55c

The National Weather Service in the United States predicts that scores of records will tumble this weekend as the current heatwave in the south-west of the country gets even more severe.

Tourists are flocking to the national park in the United States in a bid to experience world-record temperatures.

Although many people tend to seek shelter from scorching heat, Thrill-seekers are on their way to Death Valley National Park, where it’s thought the temperature could hit a dangerously high 55C tomorrow (Sunday).

Death Valley is well known for its soaring temperatures, but this weekend could be something else entirely, reports the New York Post.

Earlier this week, a German tourist grabbed a snap of the famous thermometer at the park’s visitor centre during the heatwave.

“I was really noticing [that] I didn’t feel so hot, but my body was working really hard to cool myself,” said keen runner Daniel Jusehus, whose photo showed the thermometer reading 48C.

But that temperature should be massively beaten over the weekend, say experts at the National Weather Service.

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