Two men walk in on woman getting dressed in unisex changing rooms at Primark

There have been calls to end unisex changing rooms after Charlotte Kirby was shopping at a Cambridge store on Saturday when two men pulled the curtain of the unisex cubicle.

Full Story:

Kirby said: ‘I feel like I need to get the word out. I was just in Primark in Cambridge and I was trying on some clothes and it was a unisex changing room — which I’m all for and I love that because it makes everyone feel included.

‘But twice men opened the curtain and walked in on me. Luckily, both times I was wearing clothes but I could easily not have been.

‘It was two different people but they were clearly from the same group. There was so many changing rooms available so it’s not like they just were checking if someone was in there or not.

‘The first time, the man just walked in and the second time he said before “have you tried it on? Can I see?” and then he did it [opened the curtain].

‘Both times I was so shocked and I said “oh, sorry” as if it was my fault.

‘I just want to say to everyone to please be careful. And if you are going in a changing room, don’t go in on your own. I know I will never be doing that again.’

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