UK airport becomes first to scrap hand luggage 100ml liquid rule

London airport is set to become the first in the UK to scrap 100ml liquid limits for hand luggage.

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The Airport in East London will ditch the requirement in time for the Easter school holidays.

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New CT machines are replacing the airport’s old scanners by the end of March.

They produce a high-resolution 3D scan of passengers’ bags which allows them to be inspected by staff from every angle.

Once they are up and running, the new liquid limit will be two litres, meaning passengers can bring big bottles of sun cream and plenty of drink for the flight.

They will also not have to put their creams and cosmetics in separate clear plastic bags.

Laptops will not need to be removed from passenger bags to be scanned separately, as part of a package of changes which is the biggest reform to airport security in years.

It’s hoped the move will speed up wait times at security

The new machines will be rolled out across all major UK airports by June 2024.

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