UK braces for first Autumnal storm as heavy downpours and 70mph winds set to batter Britain!

Brits have been warned heavy rain and 70mph winds will hit over the weekend after a powerful storm struck across the pond.

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Flooding could impact some UK areas on Friday as the country is plunged into ‘a much wetter and windier Autumn spell’.

Those with big weekend plans have been warned to think carefully about their journeys as the unsettled weather continues into Saturday.

It comes after Hurricane Ian rapidly intensified off Florida’s south-west coast with top winds of 155mph – just short of the most dangerous Category 5 status.

The Met Office says a jet stream strengthened by the warm tropical air pushed northwards by Hurricane Ian will sweep an area of low pressure across Britain on Friday.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, Chris Almond, said: ‘This will bring a much wetter and windier spell than we’ve seen so far this autumn, but nothing that is unusual for the time of year.

‘The fast-moving system will bring strong gale force winds, locally in excess of 60mph, and heavy rain into the northwest before pushing quickly southeast through the day. 

‘We could see some minor impacts, such as surface water flooding or minor wind damage, as well as some short-lived impacts on ferry crossings, especially in exposed areas of western Scotland and eastern areas of Northern Ireland. 

‘Later in the day, parts of southeast England could experience winds of around 55mph, which may impact the English Channel too.’

Areas such as Southampton and Plymouth on the south coast could see highs of 17C, with 16C forecast in London and Cardiff, 15C in Belfast and 14C in Glasgow.

Rain will continue to pummel the south of country on Saturday, while other places will see blustery showers with some sunny spells.

A pause in the chaotic weather will be welcomed on Sunday.

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