UK gave £67.9m in foreign aid to China last year!

Britain gave China £67.9 million last year as the Government overshot its foreign aid target by almost £100million.

Despite a promise a decade ago to stop sending cash to the world’s second largest economy, bilateral aid spending in China soared by £12.3million in a year to £67.9million in 2019.

The Government is legally committed to spending 0.7 per cent of gross national income on developing countries. 

Figures released yesterday showed ministers not only met the target, but exceeded it by £92million.

The total spent on the foreign aid budget rose by £645million to reach £15.2billion for the first time last year.

The top handouts were £305million for Pakistan, £300million for Ethiopia and £292million for Afghanistan.

But China and India both saw their aid funding increase, even though they can both afford their own space programmes and ministers have repeatedly promised to stop sending money there.

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