UK on the brink of Record breaking Heatwave

The heatwave that is ramping up today is going to be a shock to many and a health risk to others. Whilst the risks can be mitigated by being sensible, Taking regular drinks of water, Staying out of direct sunlight as much as possible during the hottest time of day and avoiding exhausting work or exercise then the risk of heat related illness can be reduced.

A lot of debate online is whether or not this is just summer weather so just enjoy it and ignore the so called scaremongering vs taking the warnings seriously. Well provided people are aware of the dangers with such high temperatures then every one can get through these days relatively fine just as people in other hot countries often do. However if people don’t, Then given homes tend to be designed to keep heat in, A lack of air conditioning or even fans and people not considering their behaviours then hospital admissions will rise.

Now just before we get to the temperatures many discussions online say the heat in the UK is more humid which is why even high twenties can feel more uncomfortable than what high 30s may do abroad.

Whilst that is true in general this current spell is slightly different. Both Monday and Tuesday are set to see a fairly dry heat by the UK’s standards with humidity levels around 15-20% opposed to a more typical 25-40%. This will give the heat more of a mainland Europe feel.

Before then will see the first real Hot day as the mercury looks set to reach as high as 30°C widely and 35°C in the hottest parts on Sunday giving a taster before the main course.

For Monday GFS model output suggests temperatures widely above 30°C with large parts of England in the high 30’s. The area between Norwich across to Peterborough towards Oxford and over to London looks to be most at risk of breaking the 40°C mark.

The highest recorded temperature for the U.K. is 101.7 degrees (38.7 Celsius), which was set in Cambridge in 2019.

Overnight temperatures will be most oppressive Monday into Tuesday. The current hottest overnight temperature is 23.9 °C achieved in Brighton all the way back in 1990. This record looks set to be smashed. The chart shown below is for the period 00:00 to 06:00 and by 06:00 we may already have seen a slight rise however taking in consideration for this its still likely the overnight low in some areas could be as high as 27°C or 28°C.

On Tuesday the UK is roasting hot once again. Very similar throughout with even hotter temperatures likely with 40/41°C forecast in many areas. However comparing the two days notice Ireland & N.I. Here we see the beginning of the end of the extreme temperatures as the risk for Thunderstorms heralds a rapid cool down Tuesday in to Wednesday with some parts of the Midlands for example hitting 40°C Tuesday and perhaps not even 20°C Wednesday.

41°C possible widely across Eastern parts of England

For those in the far East of England Wednesday could still reach the high Twenties before cooling down here also.

Initial signs for the final week in July suggest the summer heat is not over. The Azores high continually looks to influence our weather potentially delivering another spell in which temperatures are in the high 20s and low 30s.

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