UK schools set to teach controversial ‘gender ideology’ to kids in new rules shake-up

Changes are coming to the UK’s schools which will ban them from telling children that they could have been born the incorrect sex. Reports suggest that the new Government rules will stipulate that teachers should avoid discussing the matter with pupils unless asked by that pupil.

Furthermore, according to The Sun, the soon-to-be-released rules must then say that it is a contested belief. In a statement on the matter, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that “no one should be forced to use preferred pronouns”. The spokesperson explained that “social transitioning is not a neutral act” and that no one should have to “accept contested beliefs as fact”.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education added: “We are currently reviewing the RSHE curriculum, and we will launch a consultation on the updated guidance as soon as possible. “We have been repeatedly clear that contested views should not be taught as fact, and that we will put in place clear safeguards to stop pupils from being taught concepts they are too young to understand.”

The potential new guidance comes ahead of the Cass Review due to be released later this week. The review will reportedly say that older pupils should be treated in a different way than prepubescent pupils.

The Cass Review and potential changes to guidance on the discussion of gender-related subjects come after new guidance introduced last year stated that only in exceptional circumstances could students be allowed to socially transition. Furthermore, the new rules said that teachers could not be punished for not using a student’s preferred pronouns and that gender transitioning should not be propelled by peer pressure.

A Government source said  “This Government firmly believes parents should be involved in decisions about their children and much more caution should be taken, so this guidance means there should effectively now be a presumption against social transitioning in schools. “Alongside this, we’re giving much-needed certainty and protection to teachers and pupils so they will no longer feel forced to use different pronouns for gender-questioning children, and won’t face a sanction for not doing so.”

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