UK to bask in Spanish Heatwave!

We mentioned the possibility of a change to something a bit more pleasant and the question we have been getting asked… Is this going to happen?

Well in simple terms the odds are shortening rapidly as the time nears.

For areas East, South and Southeast of Birmingham Wednesday should herald the beginning of what could be a week long spell of warm/hot weather.

By Friday areas in the regions mentioned could be reaching temperatures in the high twenty’s, Whilst those in the South West, Wales and Northern England see temperatures ranging from 19-24c.

Unusually for most heatwaves the hottest days currently look like being Saturday and Sunday with the London area seeing highs of 30-33c with areas that were somewhat cooler in the prior days also seeing mid to high twenty’s possible. We will have further details in the next 48 hours as the models sure up on the detail.

In the meantime I’m off to get the BBQ back out!

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