UK to be hit with Blizzards in major December Freeze!

The main theme throughout Autumn has been the consistent and at times unrelenting heavy rain.

This theme looks set to continue barring a few settled days early on this week, With particularly harsh and widespread frosts developing over night Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

As we look to the Weather models predictions for the extended period however a change is in the offering.

The GFS ensembles have been consistently predicting a different set up due to high pressure setting up over Greenland and sending a bitterly cold Northerly wind across the whole of the UK.

This then looks set to edge Eastwards prolonging the possible cold spell with an Easterly wind blowing in all the way from Moscow!

Of course confidence at long range is very low and should be taken with a pinch of salt but anyone hoping for a White Christmas just may get their wish this time around. Fingers crossed.

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