UK to reach 27C today before Severe Thunderstorms bring an end to the hot spell

The UK is set to bask in the hottest temperatures of the year so far today – before thunderstorms and heavy rain bring the sunny weather to an end this evening.

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The UK recorded its highest temperature of the year on Thursday, with a peak of 24.6C in London’s St James’s Park – but that could be smashed by a 27C forecast today.

Some were expecting to see another record-breaking day on Friday, but temperatures across the country fell just short.

But the sunny weather is on its way out – the Met Office has issued three yellow thunderstorm warnings for Wales, parts of southwest and northwest England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Meteorologist Simon Partridge said: ‘The difference [on Sunday] is that it is not likely to be as warm for Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland.

‘The really warm air will probably be confined to southern and eastern parts of England, with temperatures expected to peak in central parts of the country at around 27C.’

Mr Partridge said central and south-eastern parts of England are likely to be the hottest today.

There are three yellow thunderstorm warnings in place for parts of the UK on Sunday.

One covers most areas of the west of the UK, including the majority of Wales, where thunderstorms are expected between midday and 10pm.

The second warning is for the western half of Northern Ireland between 11am and 7pm.

The third warning is for western parts of Scotland and runs between 2pm on Sunday to 4am on Monday.

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