UK to walk away without a trade deal in June unless EU drops demands

The government has said it is prepared to walk away from EU trade talks in June unless the EU drops its demands.

Trade talks between the UK and EU are due to start next week!

The government said it will not negotiate any arrangement in which the UK does not have control of its own laws.

“That means we will not agree to any obligations for our laws to be aligned with the EU’s, or the EU’s institutions, including the European Courts of Justice (ECJ) to have any jurisdiction in the UK.”

The governments plans to negotiate an agreement with the EU by June, to have it finalised by September and to then leave by the end of the transition period on 31 December.

The UK’s red lines for EU negotiations:

  • The UK is prepared to walk away from talks in June unless a “broad outline” is drawn up
  • Westminster will not agree to anything in which the UK does not have control of its laws
  • If not enough progress is made, the UK will rely on World Trade Organisation terms similar to Australia’s relationship with the EU
  • The transition period will not be extended beyond 31 December so the UK will leave the EU’s single market and customs union by 1 January, 2020
  • Access to British fishing waters will not be linked to access to EU markets, as demanded by Brussels
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