Undercover police to patrol streets to catch drivers who catcall women

Drivers who catcall women are being targeted by an undercover police.

Women officers wearing plain clothes have been walking in areas of a city where students have complained of being harassed from cars.

Drivers who shout ‘things from their vehicles’ risk being pulled over and handed a fixed penalty or, if taken to court, fined £1,000.

The crackdown on sexist comments by men is taking place in Bradford and relies on a Public Space Protection Order which is in force for the entire city and relates to the use of motor vehicles and behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

In an incident last week officers stopped a van after the occupant was ‘shouting’ at plain-clothes women officers.

The driver was reported for a breach of the PSPO order and is likely to be issued with a £100 fixed penalty or taken to court.

The Police tweeted: ‘Targeting people who are shouting things from their vehicles at women/girls. This will not be tolerated. The occupant of this vehicle shouted at undercover female officers. Reported for breach of PSPO.’

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