University criticised for plan to unveil life-size Greta Thunberg statue

Winchester university has come under fire for plans to erect a life-size sculpture of Greta Thunberg.

The £24,000 bronze sculpture of the environmental campaigner was commissioned by Winchester University as an ‘inspiration for all students’.

It is believed to be the first life-sized depiction of the 18-year-old Swedish activist who gained attention for her famous quote “how dare you.”

And now, after a year of work, the statue is ready to be unveiled at the university on March 30.

A spokesperson for Winchester University said: ‘The statue of Greta Thunberg was commissioned in 2019 and funded by the University as part of the West Downs Centre development.

‘The statue cost £23,760, within the overall £50m budget for the West Downs Centre.’

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