Unlucky Puppy ‘feeling sad’ after adopters let him down on his birthday

A unlucky puppy was all set to meet his forever family on his birthday, but then nobody turned up to take him home.

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Rescue  puppy Rupert has been a “very unlucky boy” in his quest for a family, and now staff at Helping Yorkshire Poundies say he’s “feeling sad”.

The Eight-week-old crossbreed came into the Yorkshire rescue with his mum and four other brothers and sisters when they were just two days old.

Rupert was the biggest of his littermates, Paddington, Winnie, Honey and Panda, and the very first to the food bowl.

Charity volunteer, Sarah Dobbs said: “Rupert is a sweet, friendly little boy and is doing really well.

“He has a sensitive side to his personality which means he can feel intimidated by dogs who are overly bouncy or in his face.

“We are ideally looking for a home with a confident, calm female dog to help teach him social skills.”

If you can give Rupert a reliable and loving home without letting him down again, please apply to adopt him on the website.

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