Vegan left horrified after being served single banana for in-flight meal

A vegan passenger was left hungry and horrified after they received a single banana as their in-flight meal.

Kris, who identifies as ‘non-binary’ decided to order the vegan breakfast. But was shocked when the meal arrived at ‘their’ seat, and it was a single banana.

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Kris posted a photo of the long and yellow fruit, on a forum for the airline.

She wrote: “I mistakenly assumed it meant that the breakfast included a banana.”

“When ‘they’ served the banana after take-off I thought it was just an underwhelming appetizer, but it was in fact the entire meal service.

”I rang the bell to get the hostess’s attention. she said ”are you ok hun? you haven’t touched your banana. I responded: I ordered the vegan breakfast but you only give me a banana.”

The hostess said: ”Banana’s are vegan. If you don’t like it. We have a meat option.”

”I felt offended and traumatised with the experience. It was a good banana – one of the best I’ve had recently – but wasn’t appropriate as a meal. I will not be flying with ryanair ever again!”


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