Vegan Left Traumatised For Life After Being Served Pork Sausage Roll At Greggs

A woman claims she started having heart palpitations and broke down in tears after being served a sausage roll that contained sausage.

Sharleen Ndungu, 20, is vegan and she went to get a bite to eat at Greggs in Canterbury, Kent. But when she started eating it she realised the sausage roll contained real meat.

She said: ‘I haven’t had meat in two years. My belly started hurting and my heart started going crazy. ‘I was panicking because that only happens when I consume meat – this doesn’t happen when I have other food. I’m traumatised for life now – I’m never going to Greggs again.’

She returned to the shop where she was offered a £2 refund by the manager, but unhappy with this she called the customer service hotline. They offered her a £30 voucher, but she turned it down.

A Greggs spokesman said: ‘We have apologised to the customer for this incident. We’ve taken great care to try and prevent this from happening and are investigating to ensure this situation can be avoided in the future.’

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