Vegan ‘traumatised’ after cooking sausage that looked like a pig

A Vegan has been left ‘traumatised’ after cooking a sausage for her boyfriend that looked just like a Pig.

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A woman who is a vegan decided to treat her boyfriend and their daughter to a dinner of sausage and chips as a change from their regular meat-free diet – however, she soon regretted her choice.

Chrissie Anker was cooking the sausages when she noticed that one of them looked uncannily ‘like a pig’.

Sausage that looks like a Pig

The 21-year-old mum from Bedfordshire, was ‘disgusted’ when she checked on the sausages in the oven, only to discover one looked like it had formed little ears, leaving her cringing at the ‘horrible but funny’ sight.

Chrissie, who has been vegetarian for four years, said: “I usually cook vegetarian food for him and our daughter every night.

“I thought I’d give him something different because I felt bad, it’s a rare treat in our house.

“I noticed what looked like ears. I was telling Joe then when I opened the door, it looked like it had a snout as well. I was so disgusted, I thought it was horrible.

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