Vegans can now get a Scratch ‘n’ sniff patch to help beat their craving for bacon

A bacon-scented meat patch similar to a nicotine patch for smokers has been unveiled today for Vegans to overcome their craving for meat.

The patch, worn on the arm, is infused with a bacon scent, with wearers simply scratching the patch to get a whiff of sizzling bacon.

Bosses at plant-based food firm Strong Roots teamed up with sensory expert, Professor Charles Spence at the University of Oxford, to develop the patch, the first of its kind.

Professor Spence, the author of Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating, said the patch would allow wearers to ‘imagine’ they were eating rashers of bacon, leaving them ‘satisfied’.

The study also found that bacon was the meat that most would miss if they went vegetarian or vegan, with 20 per cent saying it was their favourite meat, followed by steak, with 15 per cent, and sausages, with 14 per cent.

A spokesman for Strong Roots said today: ‘Brits keen to adopt a vegetarian diet are about to get scientifically-proven help to wean them off their love of meat.

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