Violent clashes spread across the US between protesters and riot police

Following the arrest of dozens of protestors at Columbia University in New York, a similar demonstration at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) has spiraled into chaos.

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Video of pro-Palestine and pro-Israel protestors throwing pallets and hitting each other, leaving many bloodied, have begun to circulate as those on the ground initially reported no police presence – with one witness saying ‘security ran away’.

Police are now slowly moving into the scene to help corral people into a certain direction and break up the skirmishes, and some officers have been seen putting on gas masks.

Other California Highway Patrol and Los Angeles Police Department officers have been spotted lining up outside of the encampment, which has a large homemade barricade made with metal barriers and plywood to keep the two sides apart.

A corridor has been created on a walkway to allow protestors to leave the area peacefully without being arrested as police continue to move in.

Earlier, video showed batons being used as the demonstration unraveled into chaos, with a news anchor commenting: ‘Where are the police? Where is security? Where is the authority? It’s something I’ve never covered.

In one clip, a protestor appeared to be hit by a wooden pallet someone threw at him – to which the news anchor watching gasped at. The scenes began unfolding around 11pm California time.

Journalist Jack Ross has reported that pro-Palestinian protestors have been taking their own to hospitals because ‘UCLA PD won’t let EMS’ in. Earlier, it was reported that a female Jewish student had been ‘knocked unconscious’. Both of these reports are unconfirmed.

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