Wetherspoon Boss Says He’ll Slash Beer Prices If Britain Leaves The EU Without A Deal

Wetherspoon Boss Tim Martin has said he will slash the prices of the beer to an ”Unbelievable Low” after Brexit. But he’ll only do it if Prime Minster Boris Johnson takes the UK out of the EU on October 31.

Tim Martin, 64, belyves the European Union is a ”Protectionist Cartel”. He clams he can reduce the pint prices at Wetherspoon pubs because he would be able to do better deals with firms outside the EU.

He says ”If we leave the Customs Union, Wetherspoons will bring the price of beer down to an unbelievable low.

‘That’s a Guarantee but we have to leave properly, Boris Johnson. No messing around with the Customs Union or any of that funny stuff.”

He’s even promised customers some sort of ”Brexit Beer” to mark the occasion but only if Boris Johnson takes Britain out on his October deadline.

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