Wetherspoon superfan completes visit of all 875 pubs in Britain and Ireland

As Jay from The Inbetweeners would say, Wetherspoons? Completed it mate.

Full Story: Superfan visits all 875 Wetherspoons pubs

For one Spoons superfan that is the case as he has completed his incredible pub crawl of all 875 locations in Britain and Ireland and celebrated by quaffing a couple of bottles of Heineken.

Retired forklift driver David Bingham’s journey started in 2019 and this week he finally finished it with a visit to The Flying Horse at Gatwick Airport.

Since the pub is through the ticket barrier he had to pay for a flight to get his last drinks in the final Spoons on his list.

The 60-year-old bought the cheapest plane ticket he could get with an £18 flight to Shannon, Ireland and admitted that he ‘won’t be flying anywhere’ as the airport on the other end ‘doesn’t even have a Wetherspoons so what’s the point’.

Over the four years he’s been going to each and every Spoons, the pub superfan has spent about £30,000 in terms of travel, transport, accommodation and of course plenty of drinks.

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