Wetherspoons Slash 20p off a pint to show how Brexit means cheaper prices

Pro Brexiteer Tim Martin and owner of pub chain Wetherspoons is cutting the price of a pint by 20p for today to highlight how he believes leaving the EU will enable his company to reduce costs to the customer.

The chain’s Brexit-supporting chairman Tim Martin, 64, said leaving the customs union on October 31 would allow the Government to end ‘protectionist tariffs’, which he maintained would reduce prices in pubs and supermarkets.

More than 600 Wetherspoon pubs will sell a pint of Ruddles for £1.69 from Friday, with a further 160 offering a pint for £1.59 or less.

Around 36 pubs will sell a pint for £1.39.

So the question is… Who’s for a pint?

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