Wickes boss says ‘bigoted’ shoppers concerned about trans rights ‘not welcome in stores’

Wickes’ chief operating officer has sparked a furious social media debate after branding gender-critical shoppers “bigots” who are “not welcome in our stores”.

Fraser Longden, the firm’s chief operating officer, attended an online event hosted by Pink News on trans rights yesterday

Longden said: “I don’t think I’m ever going to change some of the bigots out there’s minds, I’m never going to win that argument with them, so we were doing it to show support to the community.”

When asked about a potential boycott, he added: “The other ten per cent you know, they’re just hot air and they will go and buy a tin of paint in the nearest place to them.

“That might have been us before, it might not be us afterwards – and equally, if they do come in and buy a tin of paint and behave that way, they’re not welcome in our stores anyway.”

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