Widespread snowfall to hit the UK!

A reinvigorated jet stream will bring some powerful low pressure systems close to UK shores over the weekend bringing spells of rain and potentially damaging winds.

As these strong winds drag bitterly cold air down into the Atlantic then Eastwards across the UK conditions will turn wintry, With some weather model predictions of 100cm of snow across the highest mountains of Scotland.

For the first time this winter low lying areas in other parts of the UK are also at risk of seeing snowfall with the latest GFS model output suggesting almost anywhere in the UK likely to see some of the white stuff.

The cold air will spread right across the UK on Monday initially bringing the snow to Northern England, Northern Ireland and large parts of Scotland.

By Tuesday the risk extends Southwards with much of England at risk of seeing a spell of snowfall particularly across Central and Southern parts with snow even possible in the Capital as we go from Tuesday in to Wednesday.

Currently confidence at such range remains low for any details on exact areas and amounts of snow but the cold air now looks certain to arrive and therefor a high risk we see the first widespread wintry spell.

perhaps it’s finally going to be time to dig that sledge out!

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