Wife builds pub in the garden to keep Hubby at home

Wife Jayne took it upon herself to build the aptly named pub ‘The Doghouse’ to keep her husband from going down the local.

After having spent £15,000 levelling out the garden new landlady Jayne decided that it was the perfect opportunity to splash out on the pub idea and we have to admit it looks pretty impressive.

The family reckon they’ve saved hundreds in the long run – as it’s less trips out and more time spent in. Jayne added: “Paul will even bring round his mates now and we always seem to be busy. For the initial build of the cabin, that cost us about £2,700.

“We had to insulate it as in the beginning, it was just like a log cabin – but we had materials for insulation very kindly given to us by a friend. Then I could start filling it with things that I wanted – I trawled through social media and cheap to buy sites.

“One of the things I’d always wanted was a church pew which I managed to snag for only £100 and my one big spend was a space invader game which cost the most at around £650.”

“The bar itself to stock and build cost only around £400, and I was lucky – the sofa and TV came free from family and friends. We had fridges donated and then a double one costing £100.

“A fire heater became one of the pub’s centre points costing about £70, and then all the little knickknacks, like signs, pictures and tankards I went and collected from car boots and eBay.

“I’m always finding things for the little pub, and it’s not just become a man cave as such for Paul – I love using it too and I’d quite happily spend most nights in there.

“It’s great to chill in and it really does feel like I’m in my local!”

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