Will MAJOR Hurricane Lorenzo hit the UK?

With Lorenzo becoming a Category 5 Hurricane with constant wind speeds of 160MPH many people have been asking will it hit the UK.

Understandably such a large and powerful hurricane is one to keep a close eye on especially with the National Hurricane Centre showing the storm heading in the direction of the British Isles.

Despite the concerns, Hurricane Lorenzo’s exact path is still to be decided. The general expected direction is towards the UK however the latest GFS model output shows the storm curve to the North West of Scotland far enough out to sea that its effects wont be felt as it merges with another large area of low pressure. This area of Low pressure goes on to impact the UK on Friday into Saturday of next week with a spell of heavy rain and some strong winds.

The ECM model gives a different view and shows Lorenzo failing to join up with the area of Low pressure to the North West of the UK and instead heads for the North West of France with a small chance of impacting the South West of the UK however it will have weakened dramatically by this stage and wont deliver any damaging winds.

Having two major weather model predictions providing such different scenarios means confidence is extremely low and thus all options are on the table however neither suggest the UK will see any major disruption as things stand.

We will have an update in the next 24-48 hours as the picture becomes clearer.

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