Woman is dating an invisible Alien who abducted her from London

A woman who claims to be in love with an invisible Alien says he is better in bed than any ‘Earthmen’.

Click Here to Watch the Interview: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10833071/Actor-says-shes-love-alien-says-million-times-better-bed-Earthmen.html

Emanuela Rose, formerly known as Abbie Bela, who lives in East London said on This Morning she first met the alien after posting on Instagram about how she would rather date someone from a different planet than go on another date with a human.

She claims she was later abducted from her Canary Wharf flat by a UFO that enveloped her in a beam of yellow light. 

Once onboard, she met the alien crew before being introduced to her invisible lover named Paul.

Emanuela, who changed her name to reflect the alien’s, says they have been dating for a year and now want to get married. 

She said aliens do not have a human form, and are invisible to the eye, so she appeared on the show with an inflatable alien as a symbolic representation’ of her partner.

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