Woman marries ragdoll her mum made for her – and starts family with him

A woman has married ragdoll her mum made for her and the pair now have a ‘baby’ together.

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Meirivone Rocha Moraes says it was love at first sight when her mother first introduced her to Marcelo, a toy ragdoll she crafted.

Her mum made the doll after listening to her complaints about being single and having nobody to dance with.

A whirlwind romance quickly ensued and the couple decided to tie the knot during a “beautiful” ceremony, with their unique nuptials attended by some 250 guests.

The 37-year-old describes family life with Marcelo as “wonderful”, although she does admit her workshy husband can be “lazy.”

She said: “The wedding was a wonderful day for me, very important, very emotional. It rained a lot but it was wonderful.

“From the moment I walked down the aisle to the end, it was just beautiful. Then went to the wedding night with my husband Marcelo and we enjoyed our wedding night a lot.”

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