Woman on This Morning claims everyone hates her because she’s so beautiful

This Morning viewers were left speechless after a guest claimed she has no friends because she was so beautiful.

Click Here to Watch the Interview: https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/tv/woman-morning-claims-everyone-hates-23872257

She told viewers: “Woman hate me because I’m so beautiful”, an opinion she has held for a number of years.

This Morning viewers have been quick to blast the 51-year-old for her “deluded” thoughts” and went straight to social media to share their reactions.

One viewer wrote: “This Morning needs to stop enabling people who are delusional. This woman feels she’s right because they invited her on the show.”

Another wrote: ‘’I’m sorry this woman is just average looking. Why would anyone be jealous of her? She’s deluded.”

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