Woman who showers once a week says her husband doesn’t mind the smell

A woman who showers once a week says her husband doesn’t mind it, although her explanation isn’t the most convincing.

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She explained the reasons why she only showers once a week: ”Reason one, the time commitment from warming the water up, getting into the shower, doing all of the necessary shower things, to getting out of the shower, to drying, to waiting for my hair to dry.”

“Reason two, wet hair. I hate the feeling of wet hair and no I can’t do the hair dryers because I hate the sound of the hair dryer.”

“Reason three, skin issues. Since I started showering less and, keep in mind, I was never an everyday showerer since like middle school maybe.”

“Anyway my eczema, my dry scalp. All my skin is [sic] better and reason four, it’s not wasteful both with water and products.”

She was asked if her husband minds her not showering very often, her reply was: “My husband. No, he doesn’t mind the smell.’’

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