Women left looking like a Monsters Inc character after reaction to lip filler

A women has suffered an allergic reaction to fillers that caused her lips to swell ’eight times’ their normal size.

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Kailee Jones got fillers for the first time in November last year, feeling that her lips were disproportionately small compared.

The 23-year-old got her top and bottom lips done and she says that within an hour of the appointment her lips began to swell rapidly.

She believes she had an allergic reaction to the filler and says her attempts to calm the swelling with ice seemed to make it worse.

She then spent the next 48 hours unable to talk or drink normally due to the incredibly sore and swollen ‘sausage lips’.

Many of her friends said she looked like the character ‘Fungus’ from the Disney Pixar film, Monsters, Inc…

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