Women who tried to open plane door at 30,000 feet is jailed for two years

A drunk British tourist who tried to open a Jet2 plane’s doors at more than 30,000ft and screamed ‘you are all going to f***ing die’ has been jailed for two years today. 

Chloe Haines forced the pilot to turn back just 45 minutes into a flight to Turkey in June last year and two RAF Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled to escort the plane into Stansted.

She had ‘lunged’ at a door handle on the plane, which had 206 people on board, before ‘kicking and punching’ cabin crew and passengers who detained her.

She was sentenced to two years in prison at Chelmsford Crown Court today after pleading guilty to endangering the safety of the plane and to assaulting cabin crew member Charley Coombe. 

Miss Haines was accused of causing ‘absolute chaos in the sky’ after she tried to open one of the emergency exits and then the main door at more than 30,000ft after downing gin from a bottle stashed in the overhead locker.

In her drunken rampage she also sent one flight attendant ‘flying across the plane’ before attacking people on board who made a citizen’s arrest by pinning her down in the aisle.

Two RAF Typhoon fighters then arrived at either side of the aircraft and guided it back into Stansted, with the jets sent with such speed a sonic boom could be heard across the east of England. 

She was arrested and told police that she ‘blacked out and didn’t remember what happened’ after mixing alcohol with medication.

Jet2 later sent Chloe Haines a bill for £85,000 to cover the costs to the airline of her ‘extremely disruptive behaviour’ and said she ‘must face up to the consequences of her actions. 

She has also been given a lifetime ban from their planes.