World Health Organization warns there is no evidence of immunity after having Covid-19

Since Coronavirus first came to light many leading professionals have repeatedly told the public that after having had the virus it is highly likely to leave these people with immunity and reducing the seriousness should they become reinfected.

However, The World Health Organization has said: “Right now, we have no evidence that the use of a serological test can show that an individual has immunity or is protected from reinfection.”

She added: “These antibody tests will be able to measure that level of seroprevalence – that level of antibodies – but that does not mean that somebody with antibodies means that they are immune.”

 Dr Michael Ryan said the antibody tests also raised ethical questions.

He said: “There are serious ethical issues around the use of such an approach and we need to address it very carefully, we also need to look at the length of protection that antibodies might give.

“You might have someone who believes they are seropositive (have been infected) and protected in a situation where they may be exposed and in fact they are susceptible to the disease.”

The WHO is due to issue updated guidance on the issue this weekend.

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