World Snooker Championship halted after protester throws orange powder

A protester has suspended play at the World Snooker Championship after climbing onto the table and covering it in orange powder.

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It occurred during Robert Milkins’ clash against Joe Perry in the evening session at the Crucible. The game had only just got underway, with Milkins leading 11-4 in a steady start from the world no.14, before the ‘Just Stop Oil’ protester climbed from the stands and onto the playing surface.

They then appeared to hold a bag of “coloured chalk”, before throwing it onto the table. After the protester was cleared, those at the tournament decided to remove every ball from the table and cleaned it, attempting to wipe every ounce of the orange chalk.

Mark Allen and Fan Zhengyi were also in action as the Englishman held a 6-3 advantage going into the final session of the day. Allen was leading 31-0 in the 10th frame, needing another four games to win the match.

Another protester tried to attach themselves to Allen and Fan’s table at the same time, but security were able to catch and escort them away without effecting the surface and balls.

The incident occurred at around 7:20pm and play was delayed until 8pm, where Allen and Fan resumed their game.

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