Worlds first Brussels sprout ketchup is now available for Christmas

If you’re someone that needs to put ketchup on everything – even a roast dinner – it might now finally be socially acceptable to whack out the bottle on Christmas day, thanks to the launch of Brussels sprout ketchup. 

The sauce is Sold on Amazon for £3 a bottle the one-of-a-kind condiment has been made exclusively by Sauce Shop for the online retail giant. 

Each bottle contains around 15 British Brussels sprouts, which were chosen for the bespoke recipe for their sweet, nutty flavour.

The controversial vegetable is then blended with cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon to give the tasting notes of braised red cabbage.

Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, the festive sauce will begin shipping from Monday 2nd December plenty of time for Christmas.

Co-Founder of Sauce Shop said “Our mission has always been a pursuit of flavour, which can only be achieved using high-quality, natural ingredients.”

“Our limited-edition Brussels Sprout Ketchup, which we’ve developed exclusively for, is testament to the versatility of this highly nutritious, seasonal vegetable which has more vitamin C in one sprout than in an entire orange. It’s been a wonderful challenge to bring out the natural sweet, nutty flavour of the often misunderstood Brussels sprout and we’re very proud of our sauce.”

“We’re delighted to offer our customers this unique festive treat as part of our collaboration with Sauce Shop and Brussels sprout ketchup is just one of thousands of products we have on offer to make sure our customers’ have the best possible Christmas celebration.” said James Bate, Director of Grocery at

“We’re sure this delicious ketchup will change the minds of some of the humble sprout’s harsher critics and hope to see it added to festive feasts and slipped into Christmas stockings nationwide.”

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