You can now get Smarties buttons in Milk, White and Orange Chocolate flavours

Nestlé has launched new Smarties buttons in the UK.

The buttons are available in milk, white and orange-flavoured chocolate.

Each button is shaped like a disc and stuffed full of multicoloured mini Smarties.

They will begin appearing in shops across the UK and Ireland from this week in both sharing bags and single packs.

The milk chocolate variety is available as a single 32.5g pack and a 90g sharing bag.

The white chocolate versions come in a single 30g pack and an 85g sharing bag.

The RRP is 65p for the single packs, while sharing bags typically cost around £1.59

But Tesco is selling the white and milk chocolate share bags online for just £1.

The orange chocolate Smarties Buttons are only available in an 85g sharing bag and are exclusively sold in Asda.

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