Young Kangaroo goes to boy for help after being burnt in Australia Bushfires

These heartbreaking photos show the moment a kangaroo begs for help in the aftermath of the devastating Australian bushfires.

The animal suffered burns to its body before a teenager drenched it with water and gave it a drink.

The animal is one of millions caught up in Australia’s worst bushfires, which continue to burn out of control across an area more than a third of the size of England.

The images of the kangaroo were taken in the state of New South Wales, where a state of emergency has been declared.

Fires have engulfed entire towns, leaving homes and vehicles reduced to rubble.

State Rural Fire Service deputy commissioner Rob Rogers urged people close to bushfires to evacuate their homes.

Temperatures this week have averaged 40C across the country and are set to soar tomorrow to 46C in some places.

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